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About us


Founded in 1998, Quest-Innovations BV devel­ops and man­u­fac­tures high end cam­era systems and solu­tions such as:

  • Multi-spectral prism cameras
  • Hyper­spec­tral prism cameras
  • Lines­can prism cameras
  • Light solu­tions
  • 2,5 and 3D imag­ing solutions

Or com­bi­na­tions of these com­po­nents.

Com­pany value

Quest Innovations aims to stay a front-runner in groundbreaking imaging technology. In 2005, in conjunction with Pleora Technologies, Quest introduced the World's 1st GigE camera, currently a universal industrial standard. Also the development of the currently only industrial grade camera using the revolutionary Foveon 3-layer CMOS technique and the World's 1st Prism based 5-CCD camera with 5 sensors dedicated specifically to respectively R(ed) - G(reen) - B(lue) - NIR (700-830nm) - NIR2 (830-1000nm)

Solu­tions we brought on the mar­ket are:

Since true mulit­spec­tral soft­ware did not exist, ded­i­cated soft­ware has been devel­opped for these advanced imag­ing applications.

The machine vision cam­eras help to improve cus­tomer busi­nesses in numer­ous ways, whether by improv­ing qual­ity and accu­racy of prod­ucts, low­er­ing pro­duc­tion line inspec­tion costs, increas­ing pro­duc­tion yields or cre­at­ing more effec­tive sur­gi­cal tools for can­cer surgery. Quest-Innovations is able to deliver stan­dard and/or cus­tomized solu­tions for any appli­ca­tion where (multi-spectral) cam­era vision tech­nol­ogy is an inte­grated part of a process, prod­uct or service.

Com­pany structure

The Quest group of com­pa­nies is spe­cial­iz­ing in Imag­ing Tech­nol­ogy. All spe­cific activ­i­ties are done in seper­ate com­pany enti­ties to focus on the spe­cific task, but Imag­ing Tech­nol­ogy is the core of all com­pa­nies.

Quest Inno­va­tions is ISO 9001 Cer­ti­fied

Management Board

Richard Meester: Chief Executive Officer / Chief Technology Officer

Richard Meester.jpg

Bart Bos: Site Manager

Bart Bos.jpg

Igno Breukers: Chief Commercial Officer

Igno Breukers1.jpg

Hendrik Jan van Es: VP of Business Development

Hendrik Jan van Es.jpg

Martin Heuvelmans: Quality Manager

Martin Heuvelmans.jpg

Peter van der Hoek: Senior Project Manager

Peter van der Hoek.jpg