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Condor5 VNN-618

Five CCD Sensors, VGA resolution; Cost efficient solution within the 5CCD Range
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The Condor5 contains five optically separated spectral bands for red, green and blue in the visible spectrum and two infrared channels. With framerates up to 120 fps this camera combines highspeed recording in the visible spectrum with the enhanced vision of two infrared channels.

Channel Configuration Central Wavelenght (CWL) Bandwidth (BW)
Red Channel (590-670nm)
630nm 80nm
Green Channnel (500-590nm) 545nm
Blue Channel (400-500nm)
NIR1 Channel (670-850nm) 760nm 180nm
NIR2 Channel (850-1000nm)

The camera is available with the following interfaces

Condor5 VNN-618-CL
GigaBit Ethernet: Condor5 VNN-618-GE
Fiber Optic: Condor5 VNN-618-FO

This Condor multispectral camera can be completely customized to your requirements regarding splitting wavebands of channels (wavelengths) as well as placing narrow band filters on the output (bandwidth). Please contact us for conditions regarding this customization.

   Number of sensors 5
   Sensor alignment accuracy 1/3
   Sensor technology CCD
   Sensor type SonyICX618
   Horizontal resolution 640
   Vertical resolution 484
   Framerate 120
   Sensitivity Red;Green;Blue;NIR
   Interface Camera Link;GigE;Optical Fibre
   Lens Mount F-Mount