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Road map

The prod­uct devel­op­ment of The Quest Group in 2015 will be focused on sev­eral areas. Part of these are embed­ded in larger con­sor­tia due to rewarded grants.

  • Multi sen­sor Hyper­spec­tral imager (0.4−1.7 µm wavelength)
  • Low light sen­sor camera
  • Detec­tor of IEDs (road bombs)
  • Multi sen­sor imager (0.4−14 µm wavelength)

Multi sen­sor Hyper­spec­tral imager (400 –1700 nm wave­length)

The prism tech­nol­ogy will be com­bined with hyper­spec­tral tech­nol­ogy this will result in a sin­gle lens solu­tion with two hyper­spec­tral and on 2D image sen­sor.
The first hyper­spec­tral setup is the already avail­able 660 bands 400‑1000 nm Hyperea. This one will placed on a prism with the InGaAs ver­sion of the Hyperea doing 900 – 1700 nm.
The 2D sen­sor will make clear where the hyper­spec­tral line will be. Mak­ing the cam­era ready for:

  • Point and shoot solutions
  • Solu­tions need­ing stitch­ing of images in a non-controlled situation

Low light sen­sor cam­era

Quest Inno­va­tions inte­grates the most high level sen­sors for our cam­era solu­tions. One of them is an sCMOS sen­sor from Fairchild Imag­ing already part of our 5 chan­nel cam­eras. Since there is no sin­gle sen­sor cam­era on the mar­ket that uses this superb but dif­fi­cult to inte­grate sen­sor, we are offer­ing it both in a cooled and un cooled version.


Fairchild CIS1910F

Pixel clock

100 MHz

Dynamic range

70 dB

Active area

12,5 x 7,0 mm

Active pix­els

1920×1080 Full HD

Bit depths

8, 12, 16 bit

Pixel size

6.45µm x 6.45µm

Frame rate

35 Fps

Lens mount

C-mount lens

Detec­tor of IEDs (road bombs)

Together with TNO The Hague, com­mis­sioned by the Dutch min­istry of defense, Quest Inno­va­tions devel­ops a cam­era aimed at the detec­tion of IEDs (impro­vised explo­sive devices).


Multi sen­sor imager (0.4−14 µm wave­length)

Within the H2020 grant, SEERS, Quest will develop with the other part­ners a mod­u­lar, com­pact and cost effec­tive snap­shot spec­tral imag­ing sys­tem in the infrared domain (0.7−14 µm wave­length). It will be endowed with embed­ded vision and cog­ni­tive fusion capa­bil­i­ties. Robust vis­i­bil­ity, robust tem­per­a­ture imag­ing, gas detec­tion and dis­crim­i­na­tion, and spill detec­tion will enable event-driven video analy­sis. Break­through per­for­mance will be demon­strated in two rel­e­vant appli­ca­tion sce­nar­ios: coastal and road tun­nel surveillance.

Devel­op­ing the com­pact multi-aperture opti­cal beam­split­ting sys­tem with at least the fol­low­ing windows:

  • Vis­Nir: 0.4 µm –1 µm (CMOS)
  • S/MWIR: 1 µm –5 µm (PbSe)
  • LWIR: 7 µm –14 µm (CMOS-based microbolometer)

Machine Vision Solutions

Appli­ca­tions for Multi spec­tral Camera's are grow­ing fast. Are there parts in your process you want to make vis­i­ble? Do you already use cam­eras but you want bet­ter results? Quest will co-develop with you the cam­era tai­lored to your needs!

R&D Solutions

Quest is also able to develop a sin­gle cam­era for R&D pur­poses. Another use­ful and less expen­sive pos­si­bil­ity for an R&D cam­era or a small pro­duc­tion serie is a beam split camera.