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Color Measurement & Analysis

  • Is exact color measurement or analysis the core of your machine vision requirements?
  • Does the demosaicing process of single-chip Bayer color filter arrays cause unacceptable visual artefacts?
  • Are you looking for 2D imaging techniques producing absolute color accuracy?

Quest Innovations offers 2 Techniques capturing red, green & blue light simultaneously at each pixel location. When exact color measurements on every pixel are the core of your machine vision requirements, our 3-layer CMOS or 3-CCD cameras are what you need.

Achieving True Color Fidelity

The Condor1 Foveon is the only Industrial grade camera that uses the revolutionary Foveon X3 sensor. The Foveon technology takes a very different approach to sensor design than any other company out there. A 3-layer CMOS technology captures red, green, and blue light simultaneously at all pixel locations across the entire sensor surface.

C1-RGB-FV-GENERAL-final-without interfac

The other technique, using prism based 3-CCD imaging technology, is provided by our Condor3 RGB range. A specific R, G, and B value is captured for each pixel. In contrast with Bayer color cameras using interpolation routines, 3-CCD results in more accurate per-pixel color values. In addition, because there is no interpolation, 3-CCD images offer more precise spatial resolution, enabling more accurate edge detection.

Condor3-GENERAL-final-without interface.

On the High-end of our color measurement solution spectrum we offer our Condor3 CIE range 3- channel Beam Split Prism camera with X-Y-Z filtering. As there are different color spaces, the most desirable of these in the measuring of color is the L*a*b* color space due to the uniform distribution of colors, and because it is very close to human perception of color.

“Lab" is now more often used as an informal abbreviation for the L-a-b representation of what is often referred to as the CIE 1931 color space.

The cam­eras are avail­able with the fol­low­ing inter­faces:

Condor1 Foveon - 14MP - 1" 3-layer CMOS:

Cam­er­aLink: C1-RGB-FV-CL
GigE Vision: C1-RGB-FV-GEV
USB3 Vision: C1-RGB-FV-USB

Condor3 RGB-618 - 1MP - 1/4" 3-CCD:

Cam­er­aLink: C3-RGB-618-CL
GigE Vision: C3-RGB-618-GE
USB3 Vision: C3-RGB-618-USB

Condor3 RGB-692 - 2.8MP - 1/3" 3-CCD:

Cam­er­aLink: C3-RGB-692-CL
GigE Vision: C3-RGB-692-GE
USB3 Vision: C3-RGB-692-USB

Condor3 RGB-285 - 4.3MP - 2/3" 3-CCD:

Cam­er­aLink: C3-RGB-285-CL
GigE Vision: C3-RGB-285-GE
USB3 Vision: C3-RGB-285-USB

Condor3 CIE-618 - 1MP - 1/4" 3-CCD:

Cam­er­aLink: C3-CIE-618-CL
GigE Vision: C3-CIE-618-GE
USB3 Vision: C3-CIE-618-USB

Condor3 CIE-692 - 2.8MP - 1/3" 3-CCD:

Cam­er­aLink: C3-CIE-692-CL
GigE Vision: C3-CIE-692-GE
USB3 Vision: C3-CIE-692-USB

Condor3 CIE-285 - 4.3MP - 2/3" 3-CCD:

Cam­er­aLink: C3-CIE-285-CL
GigE Vision: C3-CIE-285-GE
USB3 Vision: C3-CIE-285-USB