Condor cameras - Hyper and Multispectral Imaging

Industrial Multispectral Camera's

As a market leader in Multi sensor optical systems throughout different markets and applications our products will visualize the invisible through optical sensing. We believe that by understanding and owning the core technologies behind the products during design and production is key to our success. Our continued Innovation, Research and Development will focus on this to make our products better and more capable, as well as keeping the highest quality possible. Quest innovations will focus its activities on areas where its products will make the difference! Opening up new markets, specifically in agri, food and healthcare, and changing the way we look at camera systems.

Foveon Camera

Condor 1 FV - achieving true color fidelity

Quest Innovations developed the first and only industrial grade camera that uses the revolutionary Foveon X3 sensor. The Condor 1 Foveon camera uses three-layer CMOS technology which can simultaneously capture red, green and blue light at all pixels levels.  In contrast with Bayer color cameras using interpolation routines, 3-CCD results in more accurate per-pixel color values. In addition, because there is no interpolation, 3-CCD images offer more precise spatial resolution, enabling more accurate edge detection.

Multispectral imaging for medical applications

Fluorescence Image Guided Surgery by Quest MI

The Quest Spectrum® takes imaging in the operating room to the next level. The system simultaneously shows color images and fluorescent overlay(s) without switching. This makes it a valuable tool in precision surgery.